Lecture by
Mr Fusanosuke NATSUME

Mr Fusanosuke NATSUME is the foremost manga (comic) critic of today and one of the few who systematically critiques Japanese manga and its industry. In his series of lectures in Melbourne Mr NATSUME will explain the complicated techniques in the creation of manga, Japan�s manga artists and their works. He will also introduce the industry of manga, the status of Japanese manga in Asia and the practical differences between comics of the world and the manga of Japan.

  • �Why is Manga Interesting?� produced from his lecture series for NHK Educational TV�s �Open University Course�.
  • �Manga and War� examines war in manga, the meaning of war for Japanese and also how their view of war has changed.
  • �Reading Manga� (co-author).
  • �Fu�un Manga Retsuden� (Biographies of Fu�un Manga) a collection of manga critiques from �96 to �99.
  • �Ano Goro Manga wa Shishunki Datta� (At That Time Manga Was in Puberty) an explanation of the dawn of a new phase of manga in the 60s and 70s.
  • �Manga Sekai Sentyaku� (Manga World Strategy) a study of the internationalisation of manga, the place of Japanese manga in the world and the industry of manga.
  • �Unworthy Grandson� an essay focusing on his grandfather Soseki Natsume.

In addition, he was a regular columnist for the Shunkan Asahi weekly magazine from 1982 � �91 and produced his own Saturday morning Show on NHK Television from 1987-�89 titled �Natsume Fusanosuke�s �Class��.

The Study of Japanese Manga - Contemporary Japanese Manga Artist and Their Works
Date: 10 July, 2002 6:30 � 8:00 PM
Venue: South 1 (Building 64), Monash University, Clayton Campus
Inquiries � Japanese Studies Centre TEL: 03-9905-2260

The Construction of Japanese Manga � Techniques of Grammar and Expression
Date: 11 July, 2002 2:00 � 3:30 PM
Venue: Victorian College of the Arts, 234 St. Kilda Road, South Bank
Venue Inquiries � Mr Paul Fletcher, Head of Animation, School of Film and Television TEL: 03-9685-9300

The State of Japanese Manga � Internationalisation in the Culture of Japanese Manga
Date: 11 July, 2002 6:30 � 8:00 PM
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Storey Hall, RMIT, Cnr Swanston St & La Trobe St, Melbourne

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