Ofuro are a traditional Japanese hot bath. Ofuro include private baths, and public baths like those Ofuro found at Onsen.

Ofuro - Japanese bathTaking a bath has always been an integral part of Japanese life.

In the past, Japanese people enjoyed the daily ritual  with their friends and neighbours in a public bath (the sento) or in a hot spring bath (the onsen). It was not until the middle of this century that the provision of a water supply made it possible for most people to have a private ofuro, although the onsen and the sento remain popular for many Japanese people.

Above you can see an Ofuro at the Japanese Mountain Retreat where you can enjoy a weekend away in this traditional Japanese style accommodation. By clicking on the image you can see a more detailed picture.

The Japanese bath means much more that just getting oneself clean. Having shed one�s clothes and daily concerns, then lathered, scrubbed and rinsed oneself thoroughly, one steps into the ofuro and sinks slowly into the deep, pure and clean hot water. Soaking, submerged to the chin, it is a time for relaxation and contemplation, a sensual pleasure and a feeling of well-being and harmony with the natural surroundings, perhaps the garden or landscape beyond.

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