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On Sunday December 9th 2002 Wadaiko Rindo Japanese drumming group performed at Melba Hall, University of Melbourne. More photographs from the Japanese drumming concert can be seen here. Traditional Japanese drums are known as taiko or wadaiko drums. The original concept for the large drums came from China over 1,000 years ago. These first drums were made of slats of wood, but produced an inferior sound because of the secondary vibrations and loss of energy through the joins in the slats. The Japanese then developed a new manufacturing method to improve the sound. The improved manufacturing method involved the use of a single piece of wood from the trunk of a very large zelkova tree. The larger drums normally use cow hide for the "heads" of the drums.

Toshinori Sakamoto is an accomplished player and teacher of Wadaiko. He has studied under renowned conductor and lead percussionist of the Kumamoto Philharmonic Orchestra, Takashi Fukuda. Toshi was a founding member of the Kumamoto based Wadaiko group, Rindo Daiko and played with them from 1987 until he moved to Australia in 1995. Since coming to Australia Toshi has performed at Japan Festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Fiji, the Melbourne International Festival and many group recitals. Toshi performed with Rindo Daiko when they visited Melbourne in November 1996 and in October 1997 at their own concerts and as part of a world music Festival at Melbourne Town hall. He has visited numerous schools throughout Australia to introduce this highly accessible art form to both primary and secondary students.

Toshi is accompanied by his wife Junko who is also an accomplished Wadaiko player and former member of Rindo Daiko in Kumamoto. Together they form Wadaiko Rindo in Melbourne in 2000.

Wadaiko Rindo Japanese drumming lessons
Contact: [email protected] Tel/fax 03 9893 5882 (Toshi) or
Noriko 03 9530 4018

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