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The original Japanese platform shoes


Long before the 1970's and the platform shoes, Japanese women had been wearing Geta sandals or clogs.

The reason for wear these very high platform shoes was not for fashion, but for very practical reasons. If you are wearing a very expensive kimono that hangs all the way to your feet, you do not want to get mud on it when you walk outside. (A larger version of the picture can be seen by clicking on it).

Are Geta difficult to walk in?
Yes! Significant practice is required before someone can walk safely and elegantly in Geta.

Geta are made of one piece of solid wood forming the sole and two wooden blocks underneath. These block may have a metal plate on the section that touches the ground in order to lengthen the life span of the Geta. A V-shaped thong of cloth forms the upper part of the sandal.

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