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Sushi - An Introduction

Sushi, is a general term for all dishes using �sushi meshi� (vinegared rice) in combination with other ingredients. The most common types of sushi are:

Hand shaped Sushi (Nigiri-Zushi) consisting of a topping, smeared with wasabi sitting on a pillow of rice.

Rolled Sushi (Maki-Zushi) has countless variations, with each sushi chef producing their own variations. At its simplest rolled sushi consists of nori seaweed spread with rice and topped with one or more fillings.

Hand Rolled Sushi (Temaki-Zushi) is sushi which consists of nori seaweed which is shaped and filled with sushi rice and fillings. This style of sushi is ideal for dinner parties and summer picnics.

Sushi Ingredients

Fillings for sushi are limited only by your own imagination, traditionally ingredients such as pickled daikon radish (takuan), dried gourd ribbons (kanpyo), lotus root (renkon), Shiitake mushrooms, and Wasabi are used in conjunction with fresh fish and vegetables.

Obento�s Sushi Kit

From trained chefs to hungry kids, everyone agrees � half the fun with sushi is in the making!

Maki Sushi, involves fresh ingredients and sushi rice, inside a seaweed sheet (nori), rolled using a special bamboo mat. These rolls can be enjoyed whole or sliced into smaller pieces and are traditionally served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Despite traditions, ultimately the only rule to follow with sushi is your own imagination, with the help of Obento�s Sushi Kit you can enjoy sushi in it�s many forms.

Obento�s Sushi Kit contains all the ingredients you need to produce perfect Japanese Nori Maki rolls. With the addition of a few fresh ingredients, you will soon be enjoying restaurant quality sushi rolls in your own home.


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