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�Raumen� is the Japanese word that is translated to Chinese noodle soup. Originally it is from China and brought into Japan in the late 19th century and started to spread gradually. It was familiarized to Japan naturally, as the similar type of noodle soups, Soba and Udon, were very popular in Japan. As time passes, its taste of soup and noodle was changed into Japanese style from original taste. Japanese people created new style soup noodles, such as Miso Raumen, and then Raumen became one of the major dishes for Japanese people.

In past few decades, Raumen is getting even more popular for all generations. If you have been to Japan more than once, you have already known that there are heaps of Raumen restaurants in Japan. Surprisingly, you can find Raumen restaurants everywhere, which may remind you of McDonalds and KFC in Australia. It shows how much Japanese people like Raumen and how often they go out to Raumen restaurants. People often go to Raumen restaurants with family, friends and girlfriend or boyfriend, and sometimes even by themselves. An atmosphere of Raumen restaurants are usually friendly and warm, so people do not feel nerves to eat in alone. The price of Raumen is comparatively reasonable for Japanese people. The average price is about 700-800 yen (AU$9-10) per dish. This also contributes to its popularity.

It is interesting that Raumen is recently becoming a part of Japanese culture. You can find about Raumen everywhere in Japan, not only in the cities, but also on internet and even in a museum! Raumen museum opened in Yokohama area in 1997 to satisfy the demands of people who are hoping to eat Raumen made in other areas of Japan. There are many kinds of unique Raumen in each area. Raumen museum gets together the best Raumen restaurants from all over Japan, so people do not need to travel so far for Raumen.

If you have an opportunity to go to Japan, it is great idea to try some Raumen, compare them and find out which Raumen you think is the best. Of course, don�t forget to visit Raumen museum which is the best place to eat the best Raumen in Japan.