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Sake is the latest mixing sensation in New World Cocktails, proving to be the ideal base in a clear and low to medium level alcoholic beverage. Sake is a gentle and delicate mixer, easily and harmoniously blending an earthy dry, yet delicate flavour to most chosen cocktails.

With there now being several premium varieties and styles of fresh sake readily available, the opportunities to develop and grow this new taste sensation are boundless Sake cocktails display exceptional taste, purity and smoothness. Respect the Tradition, Celebrate the Evolution. Mixing with Sake proves you can improve on a good thing.

Glass: 140ml Champagne Saucer
Garnish: Maraschino Cherry on rim
Method: Shake with Ice and strain into chilled champagne saucer
Ingredients: 50ml Go-Shu Junmai
25ml Maraschino Liqueur
25ml Lemon Juice
25ml Orange Juice
Dash Grenadine, Ice


Glass: 140ml Cocktail Glass
Garnish: Cherry and Slice of Lime/Lemon on Rim
Method: Shake and strain Go-Rin Sake, Midori, Malibu and Pineapple Juice and pour into glass. Sink the Blue Curacao and Raspberry cordial
Ingredients: 15ml Go-Rin Sake
15ml Midori
15ml Malibu
15ml Pineapple Juice
5ml Blue Curacao
5 ml Raspberry Cordial


Glass: 285ml Hurricane glass
Garnish: Strawberry and cocktail umbrella on side
Method: Using two separate blenders, blend in each with ice and carefully pour the separate ingredients into a long glass whilst it is being tilted.
Ingredients: (Blender 1)
30ml Go-Rin Sake
25ml Midori
25ml Malibu
(Blender 2)
30ml Strawberry Liqueur
3-4 Strawberries


Glass: 285ml Hi ball glass
Garnish: Swizzle Stick
Method: Shake Sake, Whisky, Egg White and Sugar, strain into glass, top with soda water
Ingredients: 25ml Go-Shu Sake
25ml Suntory Whisky
1 X Egg White
1 X teaspoon of Castor Sugar
Small Squeeze of Fresh Lemon
Soda Water

More Sake Cocktail recipes and sake information coming in the next few weeks.
(Frequency - every two weeks. We don't sell our lists.)

Sake can be enjoyed either mixed or alone but preferably not on your own KAMPAI!

Sun Masamune Australian Sake Products
Go-Shu (Junmai, Black Label, Premium Sake) SMV +1 (semi-dry)
Nama (Junmai, Cool Style, White Label, Premium Sake) SMV -1 (semi-sweet)
Go-Shu Blue (Junmai-Ginjo, Super Premium Sake) SMV +4 (medium-dry)
Go-Rin (Junmai-Ginjo, Super Premium Sake) SMV -1 (semi-sweet)
Go-Shu 40 (Genshu Junmai-DaiGinjo, Ultra-Premium Sake) SMV +5 (dry)
TSUNAMI ( Sparkling Sake Cocktail )