Japanese Food

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SUSHI - Sushi styles, sushi recipes and sushi pictures. Sushi is vinegared rice topped or mixed with various fresh ingredients, usually fish or sea food. In western countries sushi has become part of the everyday culture, just as pizza was adopted.

  • Nigiri-zushi - This is sushi with the ingredients on top of a block of rice.
  • Maki-zushi - Translated as "roll sushi," this is where rice and seafood or other ingredients are placed on a sheet of seaweed (nori) and rolled into a cylindrical shape on a bamboo mat and then cut into smaller pieces.
  • Temaki - Basically the same as makizushi, except that the nori is rolled into a cone-shape with the ingredients placed inside.
  • Chirashi - Translated as "scattered", chirashi involves fresh sea food, vegetables or other ingredients being placed on top of sushi rice in a bowl or dish.
Sushi shoppingFind out where to go to find all the ingredients to make your own sushi.