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Hakone Open-Air Museum - 338590 viewsHakone Open-Air Museum
opened in 1969 as the first open-air art museum in Japan. Hakone Open-Air Museum features many famous collections including works by Picasso. - 3385
Hotel Kanazawa - 658243 viewsKanazawa is a beautiful city famous for its Kenrokuen (one of the Three Great Gardens in Japan), Kanazawa Castle, nostalgic Geisha town (the second biggest Geisha district in Japan), many museums and food. - kanazawa_6582
Kokokyo Bridge, Shukkeien Garden - 1474324 viewsSkukkeien Garden should be listed as a National Treasure or one of the Great Gardens of Japan, but it isn't. Skukkeien Garden is worth seeing for its beauty and its historical importance. - 1474
Akiba Ichi Akihabara UDX 6907694 viewsAkiba Ichi is a restaurants section of Akihabara UDX.
Akihabara is a part of central Tokyo famous for wide range of shops selling electronics, computers, software, games, cameras and other high technology gadgets. In more recent times [url=http://www.japaneselife - akihabara_6907
Hongu (Main Shrine), Tsurugaoka Hachimangu - 350D1105320 viewsHase Temple is one of the great Buddhist temples in Kamakura. Hase Temple houses a massive wooden statue of Kannon. - 350D1105
Otoyo-jinja Shrine Kyoto - 6480361 viewsOtoyo-jinja Shrine (Kyoto) is one of the shrines along Kyoto's Philosopher's Walk. Otoyo-jinja Shrine is popular with Japanese who seek health, cure for illness, good fortune, long life and assistance with matchmaking. - otoyo_shrine_6480

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Kanto - TokyoTokyo - the center of modern Japan. The world's largest mega city and home to some 30 million people.
52 2,150
Kanto - HakoneHakone is a popular tourist destination with its hot springs and views of MT Fuji. It is located close to Tokyo.
13 172
Kanto - KamakuraKamakura, located just 50 km from Tokyo, is famous for its many temples, shrines and the statue of the Great Buddha.
7 136
Kanto - MitoMito is famous for three things: Kairakuen - one of the three great gardens of Japan, Mito Komon, a famous ruler in 17th century, and Natto, fermented soybeans.
6 75
Kanto - NikkoNikko is a very popular tourist destination for the people of Tokyo. Nikko is famous for its temples and shrines including Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a World Heritage site and its nearby Nikko National Park.
5 136
Kanto - YokohamaYokohama is located on the western coast of Tokyo Bay directly south of Tokyo. Yokohama is very much a harbor city with much of the city focused around the water front.
4 64
Kansai - HimejiHimeji is famous for its Himeji Castle. Himeji Castle is probably the best example of a Japanese Castle in its original form and condition.
1 15
Kansai - KobeKobe is the capital city of Hyogo Prefecture and is the sixth largest city in Japan. Kobe was one of the first cities in Japan to be opened to the outside world.
16 245
Kansai - KyotoKyoto is a former capital of Japan and is seen by many to be the cultural capital of Japan. Kyoto has an amazing 17 World Heritage Listed sites, 1600 temples and 400 shrines.
87 2,254
Kansai - NaraNara is a former capital of Japan, before Kyoto and Tokyo. It features World Heritage Listed buildings including the world's oldest wooden structures.
22 448
Kansai - OsakaOsaka is Japan's second largest city. While mainly an industrial and economic centre is it famous for its food and Osaka Castle.
34 977
Kansai - ShigaShiga Prefecture is located to the North West of Kyoto. The capital of Shiga Prefecture is Otsu, but the prefecture is dominated by Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.
5 113
ShikokuShikoku is smallest of Japan's Big 4 islands and is located to the south of Honshu. Shikoku features many temples, castles and the famous Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu.
1 8
Shikoku - TakamatsuShikoku is smallest of Japan's Big 4 islands, it lies to the south of Honshu.
2 36
Chubu - GifuGifu is famous for its castle, Great Buddha and many museums.
1 11
Chubu - InuyamaInuyama is famous for having one of the best preserve castles in Japan.
7 66
Chubu - KanazawaKanazawa is a beautiful city famous for its Kenrokuen (one of the Three Great Gardens in Japan), Kanazawa Castle, nostalgic Geisha town (the second biggest Geisha district in Japan), many museums and food.
9 346
Chubu - Mt FujiMt Fuji is one of the true icons of Japan. These pictures of Mt Fuji include pictures taken at Station 5 and from Fujiyoshida.
9 181
Chubu - NagoyaNagoya is Japan's fourth largest city with the central city focused around the massive Nagoya Station complex. Nagoya also features the significant and popular Atsuta Shrine which contains over 4,000 relics and National Treasures.
4 116
Chubu - Shirakawa-goShirakawa-go is a small village with traditional Japanese houses and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Shirakawa-go, located in Gifu Prefecture, is surrounded by mountains.
1 26
Chubu - TakayamaTakayama is small historic town in the Japanese Alps which still retains many of the old houses and shops. Takayama also features the Hida Folk Museum with many traditional rural houses and stunning views of the Alps.
5 154
Chugoku - HiroshimaHiroshima is dominated by what happened there at the end of World War II.
6 168
Chugoku - MiyajimaMiyajima is a beautiful sacred island with World Heritage recognized forests and temples. Miyajima also features one of the most photographed sites in Japan, the Otorii.
12 196
Chugoku - OkayamaOkayama is famous for its Korakuen Garden, one of Japan's official Three Great Gardens. Located next to Korakuen Garden is Okayama Castle.
6 132
Kyushu - FukuokaFukuoka, also known by its traditional name Hakata, is the largest city on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Fukuoka is famous for its food including its ramen. Just out of Fukuoka city is the town of Dazaifu with its pretty temples and shrines.
8 149
Kyushu - KumamotoKumamoto is a city on the island of Kyushu famous for its Japanese Castle, Kumamoto Castle. Kumamoto also has the beautiful gardens at Suizenji Koen surrounding Suizenji Temple.
4 141
Kyushu - NagasakiNagasaki's temples, shrines, gardens and churches reflect Nagasaki's history as a gateway for foreigners to Japan. Nagasaki also has many sites to commemorate the atomic bombing of the city.
11 157
Kyushu - OkinawaOkinawa is Japan's southernmost prefecture, and consists of hundreds of islands known as The Ryukyu Islands or Ryukyu's, in an island chain over 1,000 km long, which extends southwest from Kyushu (the southwestern most of Japan's main four islands) to Taiwan.
14 319
Tohoku - MatsushimaMatsushima is a seaside town near Sendai in North Eastern Japan, famous for one the Three Views of Japan.
6 56
Tohoku - SendaiSendai is the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, and the largest city in the Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan.
2 19
Tohoku - YamagataYamagata features great unspoilt mountain scenery, excellent skiing in winter, temples, distinctive local food, great onsen (hot springs) and many summer festivals.
5 76
TransportInter city transport including several in the Shinkansen series.
5 30
Japanese Girls
1 1
Japanese Fashion
1 18
Japanese Garden PicturesPictures of Japanese garden in Australia including Japanese Garden Frankston High School, Japanese Garden Melbourne Zoo and Edogawa Japanese Garden in Gosford.
3 33
Japanese Culture PicturesPictures of Japanese musical performances, Japanese dance and Japan Festival.
6 243
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