Kitanomaru Park contains several functional buildings including the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Science Museum Tokyo and the Nippon Budokan, plus open park land and cherry blossom in spring time. Kitanomaru Park connects to the Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden and a convenient way to get to Yasukuni Shrine.

Kitanomaru Park Cherry Blossom
Kitanomaru Park Cherry Blossom

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art
The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art (東京国立近代美術館, tōkyō kokuritsu kindai bijutsukan) is the foremost collecting and exhibiting museum of contemporary Japanese art. Located in a building designed by Taniguchi Yoshir in Kitanomaru Park, it was originally establed in 1952 in the Kyōbashi area of Tokyo. It has been in its current location since 1969. The collection contains many notable Japanese artists since the Meiji period as well as a few contemporary Western prints. In 1977, the museum opened an annex, the Crafts Gallery, that displays modern textiles, ceramics, lacquers, and other Japanese crafts.

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - Picture by Lombroso

Nippon Budokan
Nippon Budokan functions as a venue for big musical events, its primary purpose is for Japanese martial arts. It contains three halls, the largest of which holds 14,000 people.

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