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Harajuku Fashion is a sub set of Tokyo Fashion.

Takeshita-dori - Harajuku Fashion

A narrow street packed with young fashionable people and lined with fashion boutiques and cafes. This is definitely the place to be seen if you are young Tokyoite, but well worth visiting as a tourist. Takeshita-dori represents the cutting edge of fashion in Tokyo where you can see all the latest in Japanese street fashion and then buy in the boutiques. Takeshita-dori is opposite the exit to Harajuku station. You can see over 40 photographs of Takeshita-dori in our picture gallery.

Harajuku Fashion
Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku Fashion - Youth Culture

If it's Harajuku's youth culture you want to see, don't even bother unless it's the weekend and preferably a Sunday. The bridge across the train tracks from Harajuku station to Yoyogi Park is full of Gothic Lolita or GothLoli. The costumes are very outstanding and you can't miss them. It is funny to see the surprise of the western tourists heading to Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu who clearly had not read their guide books fully on Harajuku. You can hear their comments that make it very clear they just don't understand what is going on. Essentially the youth who have dressed up are just hanging out with friends, many of them come with the hope of being snapped by one of the many magazine photographers who mingle in the crowd. Failing that there are lots of western tourist happy to take their pictures. See nearly 50 exclusive pictures of GothLoli in Harajuku.

Gothloli Harajuku
Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku Fashion Omote-sando

The broad, tree-lined avenue leading downhill from the southern end of the JR Harajuku station is Omote-sandō (表参道). This is the other side to Harajuku fashion and its challenge to Shibuya and Ginza. Not only is the street full of cafes and clothing boutiques, but now features the very up market Omote-sando Hills. This very stylish centre is full of the who's who of the world fashion brands.

Author: Craig Fryer

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