Harajuku Girls - Harajuku fashion is a hot Tokyo fashion style of Harajuku girls with many pictures and shopping guide.

Harajuku Girls is a term to describe women and teenaged girls in Harajuku (Tokyo Japan) who wear a style of clothing that originated in the street culture of major cities in Japan, i.e. Tokyo and Osaka. The "Harajuku style," named for the Harajuku district of Tokyo, combines a wide range of diverse influences, and is also known as "Fruits Fashion" by followers of Fruits Magazine. The terms "Harajuku Girls" and "Fruits" are not used by the Japanese to describe themselves.

The term has come into popular use via Gwen Stefani's music videos and songs from her Love.Angel.Music.Baby album.

Harajuku girls
Harajuku Girls

There are many fashion styles, and many different groups who spend time in this area. You may see people dressed in the following styles: Gothic Lolita, Decora, Kogal, Ganguro, Wamono, Second-Hand Fashion, Cyber Fashion.

Decora comes from the word "Decoration" and is a colorful style, usually with layered bright clothing and an emphasis on "cute" and brightly colored accessories.
Wamono is a style that mixes traditional Japanese clothing with western clothing styles. (See the brand name Takuya Angel for an example).
Visual Kei or Anime Cosplayers also gather in Harajuku. However, these are not fashion movements.

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