Takeshita-dori - Opposite Harajuku Station, Takeshita-dori is a narrow pedestrian only street packed with young fashionable people and lined with fashion boutiques and cafes. Takeshita-dori is located within Harajuku Tokyo.

Takeshita-dori is definitely the place to be seen if you are young Tokyoite, but well worth visiting as a tourist. Takeshita-dori represents the cutting edge of fashion in Tokyo where you can see all the latest in Japanese street fashion and then buy in the boutiques.

Daiso Harajuku - 100 Yen Shop
Daiso is one of the largest 100 Yen shop in Tokyo. It is amazing the range and quality of the products you can find in a 100 Yen shop including kitchen items, stationary, small electronic devices and much more.

You can see over 40 photographs of Takeshita-dori in our picture gallery.

Takeshita-dori Harajuku

It is as much as being seen in Takeshita-dori as is about the shopping. Two young fashionable Japanese girls.

Author: Craig Fryer

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