Narita Express - There are two trains know as Narita Express: JR Narita Express and the Keisei Skyliner Airport Express. Both Narita Express trains go to Tokyo.

There are two train lines from Narita Airport and both will get you into Tokyo. The JR Narita Express line connects conveniently to Tokyo Station (for Shinkansen - "bullet trains" - to the rest of Japan while the Keisei line has direct trains to Haneda Airport, as well as central Tokyo.

The Keisei Skyliner Airport Express is the cheaper option but requires the most skill to figure out what you want and where you are going. It does, however, provide the most hassle-free service to Ginza.

Keisei Skyliner Airport Express
Keisei Skyliner Airport Express

JR Narita Express

The Japan Rail (JR) Narita Express is free if you have a Japan Rail Pass. If you have a JR pass then you should exchange it at the JR ticket counter and use it to reserve your train into Tokyo and possibly your onward train from Tokyo if the latter is a Shinkansen.
Timetable for JR Narita Express.

Keisei Skyliner

The Keisei Skyliner service costs ¥2,400 to Nippori Station (in 36 minutes) and then onto Ueno Station. From these stations you then transfer to another line to go onto other popular destinations. For Shinjuku you change at Nippori Station to the JR Yamanote Line which takes 21 minutes to get to Shinjuku Station (¥190). The total travel times is normally 67 minutes. Timetable for Keisei Skyliner.

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Narita Airport


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