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Shibuya is a famous fashionable shopping district of Tokyo, with department stores and shopping malls filled with boutiques. Shibuya is particularly popular with the younger people of Tokyo. Shibuya is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo which includes the famous shopping streets of Harajuku; Omotesando and Takeshita-Dori. Shibuya also includes the most popular shine in Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Shrine.

Just to be confusing, Shibuya is both the name of Ward and the District within Shibuya Ward, the later being the area directly around Shibuya Station.



Shibuya Hotels

Save up to 75% on Shibuya Hotels with Guaranteed Lowest Rates. Instant booking confirmation on Shibuya Hotels. Shibuya is a highly sort after location to stay, but unfortunately there are only a few hotels in Shibuya. The Shibuya hotels mainly focus on the more exclusive end of the market and can bookout well ahead of time.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing - one of the busiest in the world


Sometimes Shibuya seems to be all about shopping with major department stores, fashion boutiques down every little street and whole buildings filled with latest Tokyo fashions like the famous Shibuya 109 Building. Our detailed Shibuya Shopping Guide has details on the main or popular Shibuya shops.


Star Bucks with Giant TV screen Shibuya

Star Bucks with Giant TV screen Shibuya

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