Shibuya is a famous fashionable shopping district of Tokyo, with department stores and shopping malls filled with boutiques.

Shibuya is a shopping and eating district popular with the younger people of  Tokyo. In common usage, Shibuya refers to the area directly around Shibuya Station. However Shibuya is technically much larger than this. Shibuya is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo which includes the famous Harajuku with its shopping streets Omotesando and Takeshita-Dori, Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu shrine and Sendagaya.

Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Crossing

Picture above: Shibuya crossing is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world.


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Shibuya Map

You can see the location of Shibuya within Tokyo, the key sections, sights and buildings of Shibuya in our interactive Shibuya Map.


Shibuya - Hachiko StatueHachiko Statue

Hachiko Statue is statue of a famous dog who possessed legendary loyalty to his owner. Hachiko is now the name of one of the many exits from Shibuya Station and the prime meeting place before a night out. Just hanging out near Hachiko for a while will give you some great people-watching opportunities.

Shibuya ShoppingShibuya 109 Building

The Shibuya 109 Building is a famous shopping centre filled with fashion boutiques that cater to the Japanese girls and young women of Tokyo. Shibuya 109 is the place to see and buy the latest Tokyo fashions.


Shibuya Center GaiCenter Gai
Center Gai is a narrow pedestrian street leading away from Shibuya Station to the left of the giant video screen. It is famous as the birthplace of many of Japanese fashion trends. Center Gai is jam-packed with fashion boutiques, music stores, and video game arcades.


ShibuyaKoen Dori
Koen Dori, literately means "Park Street". It is a popular shopping street leading from the Marui department store to
Yoyogi Park. The street's name is derived from the famous Parco department store (parco being Italian for park) and the fact that the street leads to Yoyogi Park.

Featured in Bunkamura-dori is the Bunkamura complex (Bunkamura literately means culture village) which includes an art museum, a theatre, concert hall, two cinemas, restaurants and a few shops. On the basement floor there's art and design bookstore as well as a branch of Paris' famous Les Deux Magots café.

Shibuya Shopping

Shibuya ShoppingShibuya seems to be all about shopping with major department stores, fashion boutiques down every little street and whole buildings filled with latest Tokyo fashions like the famous Shibuya 109 Building. See more in our detailed Shibuya Shopping Guide.

Shibuya Restaurants

Shibuya RestarantsThere are many restaurants in Shibuya where you can find some great Japanese food and we have a guide to just some of them. You can even find a whale meat restaurant in Shibuya. See more in our Shibuya Restaurant Guide.



Star Bucks & Giant TV screen Shibuya
Star Bucks & Giant TV screen Shibuya

Picture above: A giant TV screen above "Star Bucks" opposite Shibuya Station.


Shibuya Girl
Shibuya Girl

The crowds of Shibuya attracts companies like Sony Ericson
to promote their latest and most fashionable products.

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