Tokyo Airports - Tokyo Japan has  five airports, including Narita and Haneda.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)�Mainly for domestic flights.
Narita International Airport (Narita, Chiba)�Major gateway for international travellers.
Chofu Airport in Chofu City�Handles commuter flights to the Izu islands.
Oshima Airport�Oshima island
Hachijojima Airport�Hachijo island
Miyakejima Airport�Miyake island
Tokyo Heliport�Koto Ward

Narita Airport transfer to Haneda Airport

The Airport Limousine is the best way to transfer to Haneda Airport. The trip takes around 75 minutes and cost around 3,000 Yen. However, due to traffic jams it is possible that the trip could take longer, particularly at peak times. The Airport Limousine shuttle buses that serve most major hubs within Tokyo, stopping at major hotels. Prices are comparable to the express train services, but are convenient for the first-time traveller as they take you directly to your hotel.

The other option is the Keikyu train service, which takes two hours, but would be more consistent. There are some trains that travel directly through, however in most cases you will need to change trains and probably platforms which can be a challenge if you have many or heavy bags. Again though at peak travel times this will be difficult will the very large crowds of commuters on the trains and platforms.

Narita Airport


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