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Central Tokyo

Chiyoda, the seat of Japanese power that includes the Imperial Palace, the electronics mecca of Akihabara and the business center of Akasaka
Chuo, including the famed department stores of the Ginza and the fish markets of Tsukiji.
Minato, the port district (at least in name) which includes the artificial island of Odaiba and the fleshpots of Roppongi.
Shibuya, the fashionable shopping district which also encompasses the teenybopper haven of Harajuku (also home to the Meiji Shrine) and the nightlife of Ebisu.
Shinjuku, home to luxury hotels, giant camera stores and Tokyo's wildest red-light district.

Tokyo - Downtown

Sumida by the river of the same name, including Ryogoku, home of the Edo-Tokyo Museum and Tokyo's sumo arena.
Taito and Bunkyo, the heart of downtown Tokyo featuring the temples of Asakusa and the many museums of  Ueno.
Toshima including Ikebukuro, another giant train hub
Koto, between the two rivers Sumida and Arakawa, located on just the south of Sumida. It is famous for the former woodland in Kiba, and Kameido Tenjin the shrine worshipping Michizane Sugawara known as a father of study in Kameido.

Tokyo Suburban wards

Meguro, a residential area with a few nice parks and museums
Setagaya, an upscale residential area that houses the student drinking spot of Shimokitazawa
Shinagawa, a major train hub

Tokyo Western cities

Outside the 23 wards, some cities of (relatively minor) interest include

Musashino including Kichijoji

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