Tokyo Japan Map - Landsat Image.

Tokyo Japan Map
Landsat image by NASA

A guided tour:

  • The green circle in the centre is the Kokyo (Imperial Palace). The little gray ball in the middle is the palace itself: you can also barely see the Budokan at the top of the palace grounds.

  • Tokyo Tower is located in the small park due south of the Kokyo.

  • At the bottom of the photo, on the bay, Tokyo International Airport. The third runway was under construction at the time (or maybe it's just discolored).

  • The large artificial islands in the bay near central Tokyo is Odaiba.

  • The green blotches west of the Kokyo are the Akasaka Palace and Jingu Park: the big blob far to the west is Yoyogi Park.

  • The black spot to the north of Yoyogi Park is central Shinjuku.

  • The river on the south side of the photo is the Tama River, separating Tokyo from Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • The second river due east of the Imperial Palace is the Arakawa, separating Tokyo from Chiba Prefecture.

  • Tokyo Disneyland is on the other side of this river from Tokyo (it's the big greenish-white thing on the artificial peninsula by the bay).

  • The northwestern corner of the map is in Saitama Prefecture, I think (but it's hard to tell exactly where Saitama begins).

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