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Tokyo Station (東京駅; -eki) is a train station located in the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace grounds and the Ginza commercial district. You can find the exact location of Tokyo Station on our Tokyo Map. It is the starting point and terminus for most of Japan's Shinkansen lines and is also served by many local and regional commuter lines. Unusually for a major Japanese station it is not linked to any private (i.e. non-JR) railway lines.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station



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Although Tokyo Station is the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo, it is only the second-largest railway station in the city: Shinjuku Station is larger, and both Shinjuku Station and Ikebukuro Station handle more passengers. Tokyo Station does hold the distinction of being the highest revenue-earning station in Japan, with 247m Yen ($2.13m US) in ticket sales in 2005.

Tokyo Station Lockers

There are lockers at Tokyo Station where you can store your luggage. This can be very helpful if you want to spend the day in the city or going on a day trip before departing for another city. The coin lockers are located at many different points throughout the station.

Tokyo Station Layout

Please refer to Tokyo Station Diagram for the location of coin lockers, booking offices and Japan Rail Pass Exchange offices. Unfortunately the diagram does not show the location of ATM machines that accept international cards.

Tokyo Station - Train Lines

The following lines pass through or terminate at Tokyo Station:

Chūō Line (中央線)
Keihin-Tōhoku Line (京浜東北線)
Keiyō Line (京葉線)
Sōbu Line (総武線)
Tōkaidō Main Line (東海道本線)
Tōkaidō Shinkansen(東海道新幹線)  -
Tōhoku Shinkansen (東北新幹線)
Yamanote Line (山手線)
Yokosuka Line (横須賀線)

The Tōkaidō Shinkansen line is operated by the JR Tōkai group, all other lines by JR East Japan.

Narita Express airport trains from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Yokohama call at the Yokosuka line platforms.

Additionally Tokyo Station is served by the Marunouchi underground (subway) line. It is linked by a series of underground passageways to the Otemachi underground (subway) station complex served by the Tōzai, Chiyoda, Hanzomon and Mita lines.

Tokyo Station Layout

The main station facade on the western side of the station is brick-built and was fashioned after Amsterdam's main station. The main station consists of 10 platforms, serving 20 tracks, raised above street level running in a north-south direction. The main concourse runs east-west below the platforms. The Shinkansen lines are on the east side of the station, along with a multi-story Daimaru department store.

Underground are the two Sōbu / Yokosuka line platforms serving four tracks (five stories below ground level) to the west of the station; the two Keiyō line platforms serving four tracks are four stories below ground some hundreds of meters to the south of the main station with moving sidewalks to serve connecting passengers. The Keiyō line serves passengers going to Tokyo Disneyland and Makuhari Messe.

The whole complex is linked by an extensive system of underground passageways which merge with surrounding commercial buildings and shopping centres.

Tokyo Station Pictures

We have some exclusive Tokyo Station pictures of the exterior and interior in our Japan picture gallery.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station

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