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Tokyo Airports

Tokyo has five airports, but their are two main ones.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)�Mainly for domestic flights.
Narita International Airport (Narita, Chiba)�Major gateway for international travellers.
See Tokyo airports article for information on interchanging between the two.

Tokyo Train - Underground - Subway

Tokyo transport system is dominated by its train system which is arguably the most extensive urban system in the world. Tokyo Underground otherwise know as Tokyo Subway.

Tokyo Train - Bullet Train

Tokyo is the centre of the Japanese Bullet train (Shinkansen) network.

Tokyo Transport

Tokyo Train - Stations

The key train stations in Tokyo include:
Tokyo Station
Shinjuku Station - Busiest train station in the world
Shibuya Station - Major inner city station.
Harajuku Station - Access to popular fashion area and Meiji Shrine.
Ueno Station - Major interchange station

A Tokyo public transport ticketing system that can also be used in other locations and for other purchases.

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