Bullet Train Guide includes history of the Japanese Bullet Train, Bullet Train Speeds, Bullet Train pictures, Bullet Train video and Bullet Train specifications.

Known in the West as the "Bullet Train", the Shinkansen is a high speed inter city train in Japan.

The ride on the bullet train (Shinkansen) is more like an airplane without some of the hassles. Cost wise the bullet train is fairly similar to flying within Japan, but with the advantage that your start and end right in the middle of the city

Bullet Train
Bullet Train

Picture: Bullet Train at Osaka Station.

Bullet Train Models

Bullet Train Services

  • Nozomi - the fastest and most expensive type of Shinkansen. Japan Rail Pass holders cannot travel on these. All reserved seating.
  • Hikari - the next fastest, still pretty fast.
  • Kodama - makes more stops, and generally only cover small stretches of the Shinkansen lines.

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