Fukuoka Transport including information on the Fukuoka Subway and bus system.

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Fukuoka Subway

The Fukuoka City Subway (福岡市地下鉄 ,Fukuoka-shi Chikatetsu) serves Fukuoka, Japan. It consists of three subway lines, the Kūkō, or Airport Line, the Hakozaki Line and the Nanakuma Line).

The lines are operated by the Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau (福岡市交通局 ,Fukuoka-shi Kōtsūkyoku). Unlike most other public operators in Japan, the company only operates subways without any bus lines.

All stations are equipped with automatic platform gates. All lines are automatically operated by ATO system, although drivers are used as a precaution. The lines introduced Hayakaken, a smart card system from March 2009. The prepaid magnetic card systems will eventually be superseded.

Fukuoka Subway Fares

Ticket prices for the subway lines are determined by the distance travelled (¥100-340). The fare for travelling only one station is ¥100, called Otonari Ticket (おとなりきっぷ ,Otonari-kippu). Tickets for the subway can be purchased at all subway station ticket machines.

Special tickets
f-card (えふカード ,efu-kādo)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line
¥10,000 (Value: ¥11,800)
¥5,000 (Value: ¥5,900)
¥3,000 (Value: ¥3,400)
¥1,000 (Value: ¥1,100)

Yoka-Net Card (よかネットカード ,yoka-netto-kādo)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line
Nishitetsu Tenjin-Ōmuta Line
Nishitetsu Buses
¥5,000 (Value: ¥5,500)
¥3,000 (Value: ¥3,200)

Wai Wai Card (ワイワイカード ,waiwai-kādo)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line
JR Chikuhi Line

One Day Pass (一日乗車券 ,ichinichi jōsha-ken) (unlimited travel for one day)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line

Commuter Pass (定期券 ,teiki-ken)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line
Chika Pass (ちかパス ,chika-pasu)
Kūkō Line, Nanakuma Line, Hakozaki Line (unlimited travel)
1 Month: ¥12,000
3 Months: ¥34,200
6 Months: ¥64,800

Fukuoka Sight Seeing - Green Bus

The city of Fukuoka makes sight seeing easy with their 'Green' is a city loop bus that tours around major Fukuoka attractions. It connects 14 bus stops adjacent to major sightseeing spots including Tenjin, Canal City, shrine and temple areas of Hakata, Seaside Momochi area and Ohori Park. The "Green" bus uses a Green Pass is a convenient one-day pass, that allows you to get on and off the bus at any of the 14 stops. There are also special offers at some city related facilities on the presentation of the pass. You can purchase the Green Pass at Hakata-eki Kotsu Center, Tenjin Bus Center, JR Hakata Station or at the tourist information in Mitsukoshi Lion Square. You can also purchase it from the driver when you get on the "Green" bus. The Green Pass: adult 700 yen / children 350 yen

Fukuoka Buses

Fukuoka is well served by Nishitetsu buses. Buses around the Tenjin and Hakata area cost ¥100. Outside that area, prices go up slowly to about ¥440 for greater distances.

The city is small and compact enough to wander around on foot. In the Tenjin area, Tenjin chikagai (underground city), which runs under Watanabe street and has many many shops, connects the Tenjin and Tenjin Minami subways stations with most major department stores and the Nishitetsu Fukuoka station. There is a passenger tunnel which connects Hakata and Gion subways stations and is useful during the frequent rains in summer and bitter cold winds in winter, the latter of which is close to some of Fukuoka City's more interesting temples and shrines.

If you can get a hold of a bicycle, it is probably the best way to get around. Parking does become a problem in some areas, but there are long term (6am to 11pm) underground parking areas which are free for the first 3 hours in Tenjin. BIC Camera's 8th floor which is opposite Kego shrine has free bicycle parking from 10am to 9pm.

Taxis are available; they start from about ¥550, not the cheapest way to go. Some drivers speak English, but it's best to have your destination written on a piece of paper in Japanese if you don't speak any. Velotaxis are also available; They are ¥500 for the greater Tenjin area. They are human operated bicycle taxis. Friendly to the environment!!

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