Japan Rail Coin Locker information including the inside dimensions. Most large stations have coin lockers.

Coin lockers at Japan Rail stations are a very handy place to store your luggage or other items during the day while you do some sight seeing. Generally they are a fairly safe place to store things. All major train stations have lockers and larger stations will normally have several rooms or sets of them. The largest lockers which are able to store a suit case normally fill up in the morning so by lunch time you may be struggling to find an empty one.

Coin Locker Sizes

The inside size for the largest one is:
34cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 113cm (H)

Other lockers have the same dimensions except the height varies:
34cm, 56cm, 84cm, 113cm

Some stations do have some variation in the height of the largest lockers.

Nozomi N700 Shinkansen
Nozomi N700 Shinkansen



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