Kansai Airport to Osaka - best options for getting from Kansai Airport to Osaka including train, bus and taxi.

Kansai Airport to Osaka by train

The most practical means of getting to Osaka and Kyoto is by train. All trains leave from the Kansai Airport station across the road from the arrivals hall; there is a clearly marked walkway on the 2nd floor. You have a choice of two companies operating a total of four services:

JR Haruka
The JR West Haruka limited expresses run from Kansai Airport to Tennoji (29 min, ¥1,760), Shin-Osaka (45 min, ¥2,470) and Kyoto (73 min, ¥2,980). The fares listed are for non-reserved ordinary seats. Trains run every 30 minutes, some services make additional stops and/or continue onward to Maibara.

The JR Haruka is the easiest and fastest way to reach Kyoto, and you can connect to the Shinkansen (bullet train) at Shin-Osaka Station.

Link to JR Haruka timetable.

JR Rapid Service
The JR Rapid Service runs along the same tracks to Tennoji (43 min, ¥1,030), but then diverge along the Osaka Loop Line to Osaka Station (63 min) and terminus Kyobashi (72 min, ¥1,160). All seats are non-reserved and trains depart every 20 minutes; the trains can get crowded at rush hour. The Rapid Service is convenient for connections onward towards Kobe; change trains at Osaka Station. Some trains from Osaka split with only some carriages proceeding to Kansai, and the others proceeding on the main line.

Nankai rapi:t
The Nankai rapi:t trains run to Namba station in Osaka. rapi:t α, taking 29 minutes from Kansai Airport to Namba, stops at Shin-Imamiya, Tengachaya, Izumisano, and Rinku Town, while rapi:t β takes 34 minutes with stops at Sakai and Kishiwada. Both trains cost ¥1,390 to Namba, including a ¥500 reservation surcharge, and one or the other runs every 30 minutes.

The rapi:t and Rapid Service are the recommended means of going to central Osaka.

By bus
Airport Limousine buses leave for various destinations throughout Kansai from the 1st floor directly outside the arrivals hall. The cost is comparable to or slightly higher than the train, but the buses go directly to some major hotels and can be faster than the train for some destinations (eg. Kobe) in good traffic.

The bus is also the only practical option for connecting to domestic flights from Osaka's Itami Airport.

By ferry
After a prolonged hiatus, Kaijo Access restarted their high-speed ferry service in 2006 and now run directly to Kobe's airport. Ferries run roughly every 45 minutes and take 29 minutes one way (¥1500). Via the ferry, shuttle bus and the Port Liner AGT line, Sannomiya (central Kobe) can be reached in one hour.

By taxi
Taxis are very expensive. Going to Osaka will cost you a minimum of ¥16,000, while reaching Kyoto will rack up closer to ¥32,000.



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