Kobe Harborland is waterfront development next to JR Kobe Station. Kobe Harborland includes several shopping malls, cinemas, hotels and an amusement park.

Developed in 1992, Kobe Harborland is a waterfront area right next to JR Kobe Station. It is the most fashionable area in Kobe, that includes many shopping facilities, cinemas, amusement park, hotel, cruise, etc. with a photogenic scenery.

Major facilities are:

  • Kobe Mosaic - a complex of shopping streets, amusement park and cinema.
  • Kobe Hankyu Department Store
  • Famlio – shopping mall
  • Promena Kobe – restaurants and shops
  • Duo Kobe – shopping mall expands both north and south from JR Kobe Station
  • Canal Garden – shopping mall and fitness center
  • Ha·Re – shopping mall
  • Culmeni Shopping Plaza
  • Cruise - Several different companies operate their featured cruise. Among them, Concerto and Villaggio Italia are the most popular ones (Villaggio Italia departs from Kobe Central Jetty).
  • Kobe Harborland

    Kobe Harborland



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