Nanzenji Temple Kyoto is popular temple complex with a distinctive two-storey entrance gate (sanmon) and aqueduct. Nanzenji Temple is close to Kyoto's Philosopher's Walk.

Nanzenji Temple complex is quite large, which means that it doesn't seem as crowded as many of the other temples in Kyoto. Open daily, 8.30am-5pm (4:30pm Dec to Feb). Walking around the main Nanzenji Temple complex and along the aqueduct is free, but there are three regions of Nanzenji that you can pay to enter;

Sanmon - the two-storey main gate to Nanzenji Temple was built in 1628 by Todo Takatora in memory of those who died in the civil War Oska Natsu-no-jin. On the upper floor there are various images of Buddha and paintings. There is a charge ¥500 for admission to the upper storey, where there are also pleasant views over the surrounding area of the city.

Sanmon - Main Gate
Sanmon - Massive Two Storey high Gate to Nanzenji Temple

Nanzen-in Zen Temple - a small, but relaxing temple and moss garden behind the aqueduct, dating back to the 13th century, charges ¥300 for admission, and is probably only worth it if you have a particular interest in Zen Buddhism.

Aqueduct - Nanzenji Temple
Aqueduct with the Nanzenji Temple Complex

Hojo - the abbot's quarters, is a more interesting building, with a small raked gravel Japanese garden and some impressive paintings on the sliding doors of the buildings. Admission is ¥500.

In addition to the key parts of the complex there are some additional temples just outside of the main complex including Konchiin Temple.

Nanzenji Temple Transport

Nearest bus stop: Nanzenji, Eikando-michi. Nearest subway station: Keage.

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