Miyajima Festivals: Miyajima Island has several major festivals throughout the year including the very famous Miyajima Water Fireworks Display.

Miyajima is noted for its frequent Festivals.
Festivals include:
- Miyajima Oysters Festival (2nd weekend of Feb): oysters, Miyajima's specialty, are served at low prices.
- Miyajima Hina Doll Festival (lMar 25 - Apr 3): antique dolls on display
- Kiyomori Festival (Mar): Itsukushima Shrine prayer parade of the Heike family
Toka Festival (Apr 15): Gagaku, the court dance and music
- Hiwatarishiki (Apr 15 & Nov 15): religious rite performed by the Shingon Sect of Buddhism
- Kangen Festival (Aug): the largest annual festival observed at Itsukushima Shrine
- Miyajima Water Fireworks Display (Aug): seven spectacular scenes complying with each year's theme
- Kikka Festival (Oct 15): Gagaku, the court dance and music
- Chinka-sai (Dec 31): a fire prevention festival

see the details at http://www.miyajima.or.jp/english/event/event01.html

Photos provided by Hiroshima Prefecture.




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