Lake Yamanaka is a popular location to view Mt Fuji. Lake Yamanaka is part of Fuji Five Lakes system. Guide to accessing Lake Yamanaka.

Lake Yamanaka is located near the base of Mt Fuji (to the east of Mt Fuji see Mt Fuji Map), with its unobstructed views of Mt Fuji mean it is a very popular location to view and photograph Mt Fuji. Lake Yamanaka is part of Fuji Five Lakes system and is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Mt Fuji from Fujiyoshida
Mt Fuji from Fujiyoshida

Lake Yamanaka Attractions & Activities

In addition to sight seeing and photographing Mt Fuji from Lake Yamanaka there are many other activities and attractions.

  • Water Sports
    You can enjoy water sports such as fishing, wake board, banana boat and water ski.
  • Hiking
    There are many hiking courses you can enjoy panoramic views of Mt Fuji and surroundings. (more information)
  • Hot Spring
    You can enjoy a hot spring while viewing Mt Fuji!
    Lake Yamanaka Onsen Benifuji-no-yu
    (865-776 Yamanaka, Yamanakako-mura, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi)
    Admission: 700 yen
    Close Tuesdays
  • Yamanakako Forest Park of Literature
    (506-296 Yamanaka, Yamanakako-mura, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi) consists of Mishima Yukio Litereture Museum, Tokutomi Soho Memorial Museum etc. along with a park.
    Admission: 500 yen
    Close Mondays
  • Flora
    Hana-no-miyako Park is filled by beautiful flowers all year round in a 300,000 sqm area which is 1000 meter above the sea level.
    Admission: free

Lake Yamanaka Access

By train:
Shinjuku Station take the JR Chuo Line (45min)
Change trains at Takao Station to the JR Chuo Honsen Line (45min)
Change at Otsuki Station take the Fuji Express (54min)
Take Fujikyu Bus to Lake Yamanaka.

Optional - take Fujikyu Yamanashi Bus (50min) to Mt Fuji 5th Station
2390 Yen one way (JR Pass covers first two legs and Fuji Express is an extra 1,110 yen), 1500 yen for optional bus and Fujikyu Bus is extra.

By bus:
Shinjuku Station take the Fujikyu Bus (105min) to Lake Kawaguchi
It goes to Lake Motosu and Lake Yamanaka as well.
1700 yen

Mount Fuji Tours

If you want to see both Mt Fuji and Hakone in one day it is easier to take one of the organised tours from Tokyo to see Mt Fuji as accessing Mt Fuji area via public transport is more challenging and best done over two days. Of course trying to see Hakone and Mt Fuji is going to be a compromise as there is not enough time in one day to see both properly. We recommend doing this trip on a week day as the roads out of Tokyo can be packed on the weekends. Most organised tours include the near by Hakone and some include a return trip on the Shinkansen (bullet train).

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