Mt Fuji Map - shows the five lakes surrounding Mt Fuji, the best locations to view Mt Fuji and other attractions in the region. The Mt Fuji map also shows the stations at various points up Mt Fuji.

Please wait while the map loads - This can take some time on the first load.

Tips on Using Mt Fuji Map
Select the categorises (right hand side) of interest to you by clicking on the plus symbol.
Use the zoom slider (+ to -) control on the map (top left hand side) to see greater detail.
Printing - When printing you can have all labels showing at once. From the legend (top right hand corner of map) select "Show Marker Titles" from the bottom of the list.

Mt Fuji GPS Data
The points of interest from this Mt Fuji map are available in Google KML format which can be loaded into Google maps and Google Earth. You can also load these points of interest into Google Mobile Maps on your mobile phone/device to assist you with finding your way around Mt Fuji. Within Google Mobile Maps select search and then enter the URL of the kml file: Unfortunately there is a limit to the number of points of interest that Google Mobile Maps can load.

Mt Fuji Map
Mt Fuji Map

by jpatokal based on PD rendering by Wikitravel



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