Okinawa Map shows 97 points of interest in and around Okinawa. This Okinawa Map provides details, links to more information and pictures of these points of interest.

The Go Japan Go Okinawa Map now expands to your full browser width, which means you can see much more of the Okinawa Map on the screen at one time along with the points of interest in Okinawa.

Tips on Using Okinawa Map

Points of Interest (right hand side) are sorted by category and alphabetical order of title.
There is a scroll bar within the Points of Interest box so you can look through the whole list.
When you click on an item within the Points of Interest box, the corresponding item will open its information box on the map.
You can zoom in or out of the Okinawa map by using the zoom slider (+ to -) control on the map (top left hand side) or the wheel on the mouse.