Osaka Nagano - The best routes to go Osaka Nagano including via train and Osaka Nagano by bus.

Osaka Nagano By Train

The Wide View Shinano limited express train runs hourly from Nagoya to Nagano. Taking about three hours, and at a cost of ¥7130 each way, this is the best method of reaching Nagano by train from Kyoto, Osaka, and elsewhere in western Japan; simply take the Shinkansen and change to the JR Chuo Honsen Line limited express (Shinano) in Nagoya.

Osaka Nagano By bus

Hankyu and Nankai buses also make a few daytime and night time runs from Osaka and Kyoto to Nagano. The day runs take about seven hours, and the night runs, nine hours. Expect to pay in the range of ¥6200 one-way, ¥10000 round trip from Osaka, and ¥5300 one-way, ¥9500 round-trip from Kyoto.

Nagano Japan


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