Sapporo Pictures - Pictures of some of Sapporo's highlights including Sapporo Snow Festival and Sapporo Tower.

Sapporo Pictures Sky line night city lights
Sapporo at night from Sapporo TV Tower. Picture by Kinori
Center high buildings are two Hotels. The far left building is JR Tower and the lights of the Sapporo Station make a horizontal line from its left. Sosei River (Sosei Gawa) and The Soseigawa Road run from this right side.

Sapporo Pictures Sapporo Snow Festival dinosaur
Giant dinosaur snow statue at Sapporo snow festival - Brazzy

Sapporo Pictures Sapporo Snow Festival ice building night
Internally illuminated ice building at Sapporo Snow Festival. - Chris Spackman

Sapporo Pictures Sapporo Snow Festival Nagoya Castle night
Snow building imitating the Nagoya Castle, Sapporo Snow Festival - Kinori

Sumikawa Station, Sapporo Subway, Japan. Picture by Kinori

Sapporo Pictures Sapporo tower night
Sapporo Tower, Japan -- by jpatokal

Sapporo Japan


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