Sapporo Snow Festival - The Sapporo Snow Festival, which features ice sculptures, is held in the first week of February every year. The Sapporo Snow Festival is Sapporo's largest event.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is best known for the ice and snow sculpture competition attracting artists from around the world, competing to create the largest and most elaborate artworks from ice and snow.

Sapporo Snow Festival 2015

The 2015 Sapporo Snow Festival will be held from Thursday 5th to Wednesday 11th of February 2015 at Odori Park, Susukino and Sapporo Satoland.

Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan's largest winter events in Japan. Teams from outside Japan come to participate, and the festival is thought to be an opportunity for promoting international relations. About two million people come to see the enormous beautiful snow statues on display in Odori Park in central Sapporo, which is the main site of the festival.

The subject of the statues varies, and often features an event, famous building or person from the past year. For example, in 2004 there were statues of Hideki Matsui, the famous baseball player who plays for the New York Yankees. There are also long ice chutes on which people are encouraged to slide. A number of stages made of snow are also constructed, and some events including mucical performances are held.

The number of statues is around 300 in total in every year. The total figures of the statues at all the festival sites in 2007 were 307 in Odori Park site, 32 in Satoland site, and 100 in Susukino site. Most of the statues are illuminated in the evening. The Sapporo Snow Festival Museum is located in the Hitsujigaoka observation hill in Toyohira-ku, and displays historical materials and media of the festival.

The snow structures are taken down the day after the festival finishes. This is done for safety reasons.


Sapporo Snow Festival dinosaur

Giant dinosaur snow statue at Sapporo snow festival - Brazzy

Many of the sculptures are very topical, relating to things that have been very popular in the last year such as the latest Japanese anime figure or Harry Potter (complete with glasses made of ice!).

Sapporo Snow Festival illuminated ice building night

Internally illuminated ice building at Sapporo Snow Festival. - Chris Spackman

Sapporo Snow Festival Nagoya Castle night

Snow building imitating the Nagoya Castle, Sapporo Snow Festival - Kinori

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