Shiga Kogen Ski Resort is the largest ski field in Japan. Shiga Kogen Ski Resort is located close to Nagano.

Shiga Kogen is a cosy ski resort nestled in the heart of the Joshinetsu National Park in Nagano Prefecture, in the Chubu region of Japan.

Famous for its grand scale, ranging ski terrain, amazing panoramic views, and powder quality snow, Shiga Kogen is the ultimate destination for the keen skier and snowboarder who is in search of the best powder snow.

Shiga Kogen is a world class ski resort and hosted the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Giant Slalom and Paralympic events.

Consisting of over 21 ski fields and 70 plus lifts, gondolas, ropeways and tows, Shiga Kogen is by far the largest ski resort in Japan.

One convenient IC lift pass covers all 21 interlinked ski fields, offering you with the largest winter playground imaginable.

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort

Hasuike / Maruike / Sun Valley area:

  • Giant Ski Area
  • Hasuike Ski Area
  • Maruike Ski Area
  • Sun Valley Ski Area

Higashitateyama / Ichinose / Takamagahara area:

  • Higashitateyama Ski Area
  • Ichinose Diamond Ski Area
  • Ichinose Family Ski Area
  • Ichinose Yamanokami Ski Area
  • Nishitateyama Ski Area
  • Takamagahara Mammoth Ski Area
  • Tanne no Mori Okojo Ski Area
  • Terakoya Ski Area

Okushiga Kōgen / Yakebitaiyama area:

  • Okushiga Kōgen Ski Area
  • Yakibitaiyama Ski Area

Kumanoyu / Shibutōge / Yokoteyama area:

  • Kasadake Ski Area
  • Kidoike Ski Area
  • Kumanoyu Ski Area
  • Maeyama Ski Area
  • Shibutōge Ski Area
  • Yokoteyama Ski Area

Getting to Shiga Kogen

From Tokyo By train
The Nagano Shinkansen runs from Tokyo, with the fastest trains taking around 90 minutes. Nagano is also about the same distance from Nagoya, and the "Shinano" limited express makes the run 13 times a day.

From Tokyo By bus
Highway buses depart from the terminal in Shinjuku to Nagano. The trip takes around four hours, and the fare is Y7970 round trip, about half the cost of the Shinkansen.

From Osaka/Kyoto By Train
The Wide View Shinano limited express train runs hourly from Nagoya to Nagano. Taking about three hours, and at a cost of ¥7130 each way, this is the best method of reaching Nagano by train from Kyoto, Osaka, and elsewhere in western Japan; simply take the Shinkansen and change to the "Shinano" in Nagoya bound for Nagano.

From Osaka/Kyoto By Train
Hankyu and Nankai buses also make a few daytime and night time runs from Osaka and Kyoto to Nagano. The day runs take about seven hours, and the night runs, nine hours. Expect to pay in the range of ¥6200 one-way, ¥10000 round trip from Osaka, and ¥5300 one-way, ¥9500 round-trip from Kyoto.

Transfer from Nagano to Shiga Kogen
Direct bus services depart Nagano Station Higashi-Guchi (East Entrance) for Shiga Kogen daily from platforms 3 and 4. This service costs up to JPY 1,900 per person and takes just over one hour in travel time. There are two bus services: Nagaden Bus Shiga Kogen Express Bus and the JR Snow Liner.

Japanese Snow Monkeys

Not far from Shiga Kogen and Nagano is Jigokudani Monkey Park where you can see the famous Japanese Snow Monkeys in winter taking a hot spring bath.


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