Shinkansen 300 Series - top speed 270Km/h introduced in 1992.

The 300 Series Shinkansen high-speed trainsets for Japan's Shinkansen (bullet train) dedicated high-speed railways were introduced in 1992 on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines for use on the fastest Nozomi services, being capable of 270 km/h (168 mph). As more were delivered (66 trains by 1998) they replaced earlier units on Hikari service and allowed the thus displaced 100 Series units to finally in turn displace 0 Series units on almost all services.

Shinkansen 300 Series
Shinkansen 300 Series

The styling of these units is something of a 'curved wedge' at the front, replacing the aircraft-style nosecones of previous Shinkansen trains. The furthest forward point is the very bottom of the pilot. They are painted brilliant white with a medium-thick blue stripe beneath the windows.

They are only found in sixteen-car sets and have no restaurant cars, though they did originally feature two refreshment counters (later removed).

Technically, they are notable for being the first Shinkansen sets to employ three-phase AC traction motors instead of direct current units.

Shinkansen 300 Series Pictures.

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