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Yokohama is a fashionable port town with a significant western influence. Yokohama used to be a small fishing village until 1859, when Japan abolished the policy of national seclusion which had been in place for over 200 years. This policy change resulted in Yokohama opening its port for trading with foreigners. Since then, many western ideas have reached Japan via Yokohama, such as daily newspapers and railway. Nowadays, Yokohama is deemed to be a fashionable city for shopping and outings. Yokohama features the largest Chinatown in Japan.



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Yokohama Landmark Tower
Picture: Yokohama Landmark Tower


Yokohama is located on the western coast of Tokyo Bay directly south of Tokyo and in the Kanto region of Japan. Depending on how you measure the population of a city, Yokohama is either the third or fourth largest city in Japan. Yokohama effectively forms part of urban area of greater Tokyo as there is no significant demarkation between the urban areas of the two cities. Many people who live in Yokohama work in Tokyo.

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