Book one of the 10 Best Tokyo Hotels at the Best Rates. Popular hotels include: Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza, Centurion Hotel Ueno, Shinjuku Prince Hotel, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo, Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu and Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo.

Best Tokyo Hotels

The best Tokyo Hotels for you depends on many factors. Clearly it is not simply the top five star hotels as these may be more than you wish to spend at the time. Price and value for money will definitely be major factors in determining what you think are the best Tokyo hotels for you. Through this booking system you will find that some hotels will have specials or greater discounts than normal. These will typically be for a defined period. As a general rule there are no “last minute” specials on Tokyo hotels as this is not a common way of doing business in Japan. Indeed it is more the opposite. That is the best rates on rooms are normally found when booked further into the future.

Tokyo Hotels - High demand for hotels in Shibuya

Tokyo Hotels – High demand for hotels in Shibuya

Best Tokyo Hotel Districts

Location plays a large part in determining what will be the best hotels for your stay. The location also influences the hotel room rates. For the same standard of hotel and room in the central parts of Tokyo is normally going to have a higher rate than one further out from central Tokyo. The rate will be even lower for most locations on the fringes of Tokyo or in the urban areas of a joining Chiba (with the exception of Tokyo Disney area).

Is it better value to stay on the fringes of Tokyo?

For most visitors to Tokyo the answer is no. If you are only staying in Tokyo for five days or less, then your time is very limited. Most of the Tokyo attractions are in the inner or central parts of Tokyo. Staying on the fringes of Tokyo adds an additional 60 minutes or more to the time you spend traveling to and from central Tokyo at the beginning and end of each day. All that valuable time could be spent visiting additional points of interest during your brief visit. When you workout the time lost in travel compared to the difference in accommodation costs, it just simply isn’t worth it.

Some of the best districts to stay in while visiting Tokyo include:

  • Shinjuku – Excellent transport, large range of hotels, centrally located, good shopping and restaurants.
  • Ginza – Up market hotels, shopping and restaurants. Centrally located with good transport.
  • Shibuya – Popular shopping and entertainment district with good transport. Centrally located.
  • Asakusa – Close to famous Sensoji Temple with good transport.
  • Ueno – More affordable options, good transport and close to some attractions.
  • Narita Airport – Great for early departures or late arrivals.
  • Haneda Airport – Easy access to airport.