Japanese culture including traditional Japanese culture like Geisha, Samurai, Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese gardens, kimonos and Japanese Language. Plus modern Japanese culture such as modern Japanese fashion.

Traditional Japanese culture has many roots in traditional Chinese culture, however Japanese culture, even historically differed from Chinese culture. This differentiation of the cultures is due in part to the separation of the two land masses, plus the enforced periods of isolation from the outside world, further extended the differences between the two cultures. Many times throughout history the first time a particular aspect of culture was imported from China it was of course very Chinese. However within a relatively short period the designs changed to take on a distinctly Japanese style. This can be seen in the designs of Japanese gardens and temples.

Horyuji Temple - Japanese Culture

Horyuji Temple follows the Chinese style

The Great Hall (Kondo) Horyuji Temple in Nara, is one of the first Buddhist temples built in Japan and follows the style from Sui Dynasty of China (6th century) with its double roof structure.

It is with some irony then that in modern times that the younger Chinese generations have looked to modern Japanese culture as a source of inspiration, particularly in field of Japanese fashion culture, where the Chinese are inspired by Japanese fashion magazines.

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