Chiba city is east-southeast of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay and not far from Narita Airport. Much of Chiba city is residential and forms part of the greater urban area of Tokyo. From a practical point of view Chiba is really a suburb of Tokyo. Chiba has some unique buildings and important exhibition centre. The Makuhari district is a recent waterfront development, which includes Makuhari Messe, which hosts the Tokyo Motor Show.

Chiba City is one of the Kanto region’s primary seaports. Chiba is the capital city of Chiba Prefecture.


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  • Chiba Castle

    Chiba Castle is a hilltop style Japanese Castle in Inohana Park Chiba city. Chiba Castle was first constructed in 1126 by Chiba Tsuneshige. In 1455 Makuwari Yasutane attacked Chiba Castle and took control of what was left. While Makuwari Yasutane took the name of Chiba (he was already related), he didn’t rebuild Chiba Castle. Instead read more

  • Chiba Port Tower

    Chiba Port Tower is a skyscraper and observation deck in Chiba city, to the east of central Tokyo. Chiba Port Tower, which is 125m tall, is in Chiba Port Park. The observation deck at Chiba Port Tower is at 113m and provides 360 degree views of Chiba city and across to Tokyo where you can read more

  • Izumi Nature Park

    Izumi Nature Park, in Chiba, is famous for its cherry blossom being considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. Izumi Nature Park features around 1,500 cherry blossom trees including Yoshino, Shidare, Hill Cherry and Sato Cherry varieties.

  • Kaihin-Makuhari

    Kaihin-Makuhari is a modern development in Mihama Ward of Chiba city. Kaihin-Makuhari includes Bay Town, Costco, Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall, Chiba Marine Stadium, Makuhari Techno Garden and Makuhari Messe.

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    Makuhari Messe

    Makuhari Messe, also known as the Nippon Convention Center, is the largest convention center in the Tokyo region. Makuhari Messe hosts the Tokyo Auto Salon, Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo Game Show and the Jump Festa. Makuhari Messe is within the modern Kaihin-Makuhari development in the Mihama Ward of Chiba city.

  • Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall

    Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall is shopping centre filled with discount outlet stores including Nike, Edwin and Coach. Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall is within the modern Kaihin-Makuhari development in Mihama Ward of Chiba city and very close to Kaihin-Makuhari Station.


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    Fireworks Show including Kaiseki Dinner in Kisarazu

    This experience includes access to a reserved viewing area that is not open to public. This fireworks show is one of the biggest shows in the Greater Tokyo Area. You will see over 10,000 fireworks!  This package also includes an amazing kaiseki cuisine dinner experience.The amount of fireworks at this festival is the biggest in the whole read more