Fukuoka Prefecture attractions include: Dazaifu; the former capital of Kyushu, which features the Kyushu National Museum, beautiful gardens and shrines and Kitakyushu, which is famous for the Kokura Castle. Fukuoka Prefecture is located on the north east corner of Kyushu Island and is separated from the main island of Honshu by the Kanmon Straits. The capital of Fukuoka Prefecture is Fukuoka city.


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    Kitakyushu Rickshaw Tour

    Situated on the Kyushu side of Kanmon strait, Moji prospered by foreign trades. Appreciating western architecture, they built western style buildings with Japanese taste that will fill you with nostalgia. You will enjoy a fish-eye view of Kanmon strait and the romantic sound of whistles.Meet outside the Mojiko train station and you will go on a read more