Kagoshima has been nicknamed the ‘Naples of Japan’, for its bay location (Aira Caldera), hot climate and impressive stratovolcano, Sakurajima. Kagoshima is the capital city of Kagoshima Prefecture and located at the southwest tip of the Kyushu island.


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  • Amuran

    Amuran is a 60m diameter Ferris wheel on top of the Amu Plaza Kagoshima Prefecture and is one of the major attractions in Kagoshima Prefecture. At its highest point, Amuran is 91m above the ground and provides excellent views of Kagoshima Prefecture and the active volcano, Sakurajima, across Kagoshima Prefecture Bay. Amuran features 36 complete read more

  • Ishibashi Park

    Ishibashi Park, in Hamacho Kagoshima Prefecture, features three of the original five historic stone bridges which crossed the Kotsuki River. Two of the bridges were destroyed by a flood in 1993. The remaining three were then moved to Ishibashi Park and restored. The bridges were then opened to the public in 2000.

  • Kagoshima Castle

    KagoshimaCastle, also known as Tsurumarujo Castle, was a flatland Japanese Castle in Kagoshima Kagoshima Prefecture. Kagoshima Castle was completed in 1601 by Shimazu Iehisa, shortly after his father, Shimazu Yoshihiro, had been defeated at the Battle of Sekigahara by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1600. Kagoshima Castle was a small and not very well built castle, even read more

  • Kagoshima Chuo Station

    Kagoshima Chuo Station, which literally means Kagoshima Central Station, is the main train station in Kagoshima city. Operated by the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), Kagoshima Chuo Station is served by the Kyushu Shinkansen, which connects Kagoshima to Fukuoka (Hakata Station) via Kumamoto. Kagoshima Chuo Station is the terminus for this Shinkansen line. Kagoshima Chuo read more

  • Sakurajima

    Sakurajima is an acitve volcano across Kagoshima Prefecture Bay from Kagoshima Prefecture city. Sakurajima still deposits large amounts of volcanic ash on the surrounding area, but the last major eruption was in 1914 when a lava flow joined what had been an island to the Osumi Peninsula.

  • Senganen

    Senganen is a traditional Japanese garden, in Kagoshima Prefecture. Senganen was created for the 19th Lord of the Shimadzu Clan, Mitsuhisa and takes advantage of the backdrop formed by Kinko Bay and Sakurajima.


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