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  • Hakumai Castle

    Hakumai Castle was a hilltop style Japanese Castle in Matsuzaka in Mie Prefecture. Today all that remains of Hakumai Castle is a few ruins and monument to mark the location.

  • Iga Ueno Castle

    Iga Ueno Castle also known as Ueno Castle or Hakuho Castle is a Japanese Castle in Iga Mie Prefecture. Iga Ueno Castle was first established in 1585 under the order of Takigawa Katsutoshi. The donjon (tower) and the inner bailey were constructed by Takigawa Katsutoshi’s successor Tsutsui Sadatsugu. Today’s reconstructed Iga Uneo Castle is based read more

  • Ise Grand Shrine

    Ise Grand Shrine is a Shinto Shrine complex in Ise Mie Prefecture, which is considered to be Shinto’s most important sites. The Ise Grand Shrine complex includes 123 shrines focused around two primary shrines; Naiku (The Inner Shrine Kotai Jingu) and Geku (The Outer Shrine or Toyouke Daijingu). Naiku is south of central Ise City read more

  • Kameyama Castle

    Kameyama Castle is a hilltop style Japanese Castle in Kameyama Mie Prefecture. Kameyama Castle was established in 1254 by Seki Sanetada, however this was dismantled to allow the construction of a new castle on the site under the orders of Okamoto Munenori in 1590. In 1632 the donjon was demolished. Around 1644 a turret or read more

  • Matsuzaka Castle

    Matsuzaka Castle was a hilltop style Japanese Castle in Matsuzaka Mie Prefecture. Matsuzaka Castle was constructed in 1588 by the order of Gamo Ujisato, complete with a three story donjon. Today only ruins remain of Matsuzaka Castle.

  • Mitake

    Mitake is a small village in Mie Prefecture which is famous for its cherry blossom. The yama zakura verity of cherry blossom found throughout Mitake bloom in mid-April. Mitake is considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.


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