The capital of Nagasaki Prefecture is Nagasaki city which is famous for being the second city to have an atomic bomb dropped on it, however much of Nagasaki's earlier history and influence can still be seen. Nagasaki Prefecture is located on the south-western coast of Kyushu Island, and includes several small islands as well as the land around the long peninsula (Nagasaki literally means long peninsula). Nagasaki was one of the few cities in Japan that was allowed to have trade with the outside world during the middle ages. Nagasaki Prefecture attractions include the museums and monuments relating to the atomic bomb, Megane Bridge, Glover Garden, Kofukuji Temple, Kushima Castle and Shimabara Castle.


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    Easy-to-Wear Kimono Rental by the Megane Bridge

    Only a short walk away from the historical and picturesque Megane Bridge, also known as the Meganebashi or Spectacle Bridge, you are able to rent an easy-to-wear Kimono to make your visit more memorable. These Kimono are worn over your own clothes so the rental process is quick and easy. This service offers Japanese traditional read more