Nagasaki is famous for being the second city to have an atomic bomb dropped on it, however much of Nagasaki's earlier history and influence can still be seen. Nagasaki was one of the few cities in Japan that was allowed to have trade with the outside world during the middle ages. In 1543 contact was made with European explorers and Nagasaki developed into a significant trading port for the Portuguese. Today you can see the influence of the Portuguese and some other European traders with the significant Christian churches and the European style house and garden at Glover Garden. Nagasaki has also had significant influence from the Chinese and this can be seen in the design of Kofukuji Temple.

Nagasaki, which literally means long peninsula, has been shaped by its location and geography. Nagasaki is built on both sides of a narrow bay, which features a narrow flood plain on each side and then hills and mountains beyond that. Nagasaki's early stages of settlement were only on the flood plain, but as the city grew it spread up the less steep hills. Today the main industrial, commercial and residential areas of Nagasaki consume the whole of the flood plain. The narrow bay which is the focus of Nagasaki, is the best natural harbor on the island of Kyushu and would have been the key reason for the section of the site as the early trading post for the Europeans.

Nagasaki's most famous dish is Chanpon which is a dish of noodles with vegetable and seafood. Also "Saraudon" is popular food too. "Saraudon" is as well as "Chanpon".Castella is a sponge cake that was originally brought by the Portuguese.


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