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  • Bise

    Bise District in Motobu Okinawa is attractions include the village of Bise with its hundreds of deep green Fukugi trees planted in rows to provide the houses of the village with protection from the strong winds of typhoons. Fukugi trees have been used for protection for thousands of years and some in the village are read more

  • Busena Marine Park

    Busena Marine Park just south of Nago Okinawa on Busena Cape features a narrow pier with an underwater observatory which places the viewer around 3 metres under the water. From this vantage point many fish can be seen. Busena Marine Park also has glass bottom boat tours where the viewer can see fish and colorful read more

  • Cape Hedo

    Cape Hedo (Hedo Misaki) is the northern most point on the main island of Okinawa. The ocean off Cape Hedo is the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea. Cape Hedo features a monument (Memorial Tower) to commemorate the return of the Ryukyuan (Okinawa) Islands to Japanese sovereignty after World War read more

  • Cape Kyan

    Cape Kyan today is a picturesque site within the Okinawa Battlefield Quasi National Park, however in 1945 at the last stages of the Battle of Okinawa it was the site where many civilians and soldiers jumped to their deaths.


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