Naha is a coastal city on the southern part of Okinawa Island facing the East China Sea. Naha is the largest city and capital of Okinawa Prefecture. Naha features banks, many shopping malls, a long shopping strip, restaurants, bars and tourist gift shops. Naha also features Shuri Castle, a World Heritage Site, which is a reconstruction of the most important Okinawan Castle and the former Ryukyu Dynasty palace.


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  • Gokokuji Temple

    Gokokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple which was founded in 1367 in what is now Naha Okinawa. Gokokuji Temple was a major temple of Chuzan Kingdom and the Ryukyu Kingdom, but was also later associated with the Christian missionary Dr Bernard Bettelheim and Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853 to 1854.

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    Kokusai Dori

    Kokusai Dori is the main shopping precinct in Naha, with souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques along both sides. Historically Kokusai Dori was known as “The Miracle Mile” because of its rapid recovery after World War II.

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    Mutsumibashi Shopping Arcade

    Mutsumibashi Shopping Arcade features mainly food stalls and shops with local Okinawa produce. Mutsumibashi Shopping Arcade, in Naha Okinawa Prefecture, is a popular shopping arcade that starts on the main shopping street of Naha, Kokusai Dori.

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    Naha Airport

    Naha Airport (IATA: OKA, ICAO: ROAH) in Naha Okinawa Prefecture. Naha Airport is a second class airport, which services both international and domestic flights.

  • Naha New Port Terminal

    Naha New Port Terminal (also referred to as Aja Port or Naha Shin-ko) in Naha is where the Ryukyu Express and ferries to and from Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka Prefecture and Tokyo berth.


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