The Tokyo that you see today is a truly modern mega city with the modern office towers, one of the best train/subway systems in world and is the most populous metropolitan area in the world at 39 million. Tokyo is however a very old city and was at one stage a castle town centered around Edo Castle, part of which is now the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the center of the city. The location of the Tokyo Imperial Palace determined the location of many of the key parts of modern Tokyo, such as Tokyo Station, being in walking distance to the palace.

Tokyo Hotels

Guide to the best Tokyo Hotels at the lowest rates in the popular locations. Discover the best Tokyo Districts to stay that will save you time and money. Our guide includes other types of accommodation such as apartments, ryokan, hostels and capsule hotels.

Tokyo Itinerary

Once you know what you want to see and do in Tokyo, you need to put together an efficient and logical itinerary to make the best use of your time. We have many sample Tokyo Itinerary to help you with this task. These itinerary cater to a range of days in Tokyo and cover many of the popular attractions that surround Tokyo.

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