Yamagata city is famous for the mountain temple, Risshakuji Temple, also known as Yamadera Temple. Yamagata also famous for food that comes from the area surrounding the city including Yonezawa Beef (one of the best Wagyu), Japanese cherry, pears and various Sansai (highly nutritious mountain vegetables). From Mogami River, which is called a mother of nature, people catch various fish. Among them, Ayu (sweetfish) is so beautiful. Yamagata city is the gateway to the nearby Zao Onsen town with its world class ski resorts. Yamagata city is capital of Yamagata Prefecture located in Tohoku in the north east region of Honshu island, 2h 45min by Shinkansen from Tokyo.


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    Risshakuji Temple

    Risshakuji Temple, in Yamagata, is one of the most amazing Buddhist temple in Japan. Generally known as Yamadera Temple (Mountain Temple), Risshakuji Temple was founded by Monk En-nin (Jikaku Daishi) in 860. The complex is built along a rocky mountain where visitors have to climb up 1015 narrow steps among trees. Some of the buildings read more

  • Yamagata Castle

    Yamagata Castle is a flat land style Japanese Castle in Yamagata. Yamagata Castle was first constructed in 1356 by Shiba Kaneyori (who later changed his name to Mogami. In 1592, under Mogami Yoshiaki, Yamagata Castle was substaintially reconstructed to create a much larger castle. The new design included a sannomaru and a ninomaru, however there read more


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    Overnight Stay at Takinoyu Ryokan with Onsen and Meals

    Takinoyu is a ryokan located in Tendo city in Yamagata prefecture, on the northern side of the Japanese mainland. It is a popular ryokan with a history of over 100 years. You can choose from different room types — traditional Japanese style, Western style, Japanese-Western style – with an open-air rotenburo onsen (outdoor hot spring). read more