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    Haritsuna Shrine

    Haritsuna Shrine held a festival in 1635, which has now become the famous, and National Significant Intangible Gold Cultural Asset called the Inuyama Festival. Today the Inuyama Festival features 13 three layer floats which are close to 8m high and at night time each features 365 Japanese lanterns. Haritsuna Shrine, Read more [...]

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    Urakuen is a Japanese gardens, which features three teahouses including the National Treasure, JOAN. JOAN teahouse (also written JO-AN) was designed by the pioneering tea ceremony master Urakusai Oda, younger brother of Nobunaga Oda, and is considered to one of the three best teahouses in Japan. JOAN teahouse has be Read more [...]

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    Inuyama Castle

    Inuyama Castle is a Japanese Castle, in the city of Inuyama Aichi Prefecture, near Nagoya. Inuyama Castle is thought to be the oldest Japanese Castle with the original castle starting construction in 1440, however there were many additions and upgrades over time. Most of Inuyama Castle is in original condition Read more [...]