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  • Kyoto Municipal Zoo

    Kyoto Municipal Zoo, in Okazaki Park in the Sakyo ward of Kyoto, is the second largest zoo in Japan. The Kyoto Municipal Zoo has 700 species on display.

  • Iwatayama Monkey Park

    Iwatayama Monkey Park, in Arashiyama on the western outskirts of Kyoto, is like an open range zoo that just has monkeys. There are around 170 wild Japanese macaque monkeys in Iwatayama Monkey Park, which can be fed food purchased on site.

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    Tennoji Zoological Gardens

    Tennoji Zoological Gardens houses some 1,500 animals of 300 different species, including koalas, lesser pandas, elephants, and the only kiwi bird in Japan. Tennoji Zoological Gardens is in Tennoji, Osaka.

  • Satsukiyama Zoo

    Satsukiyama Zoo, in Ikeda Osaka Prefecture, is a unique zoo in Japan as it has a collection of Australian animals including wombats, wallabies and sheep, from Ikeda’s sister city Launceston, Tasmania, on top of Japanese native animals such as monkeys and deer. Satsukiyama Zoo, which opened in 1957, has successfully Read more [...]

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    Ueno Zoo

    Ueno Zoo, formally known as Ueno Zoological Gardens, opened in 1882 making it Japan’s first and oldest zoo. Ueno Zoo covers an area of 14.3 hectares of land that was originally part of the Imperial Estate, but was bestowed to the Japanese people (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) in 1924 on the Read more [...]